Are you fierce? Are you determined? Are you a trouble-maker? Do you finish what you start?


Seed San Diego Wants You


We are a small group of investors who are determined to change the landscape for investing in San Diego. We will talk with you like we talk with our friends. We will ask you hard questions. We will laugh over drinks. We will force you past your usual BS. If you can handle our candor, we'd like to meet you. 


Our portfolio

Seed San Diego is the group this city needs to help connect entrepreneurs to capital. Thank you for being a champion long before others saw the value in what we are doing!
— Adam Harris, CEO
There is no better connected, knowledgeable and passionate group of investors in San Diego than Seed San Diego. Seriously, they rock.
— Adam Riggs-Zeigen, CEO
Seed San Diego stood behind our vision, believed in our strategy and trusted us to execute from day one. Priceless.
— Adam Markowitz, CEO
Seed San Diego’s willingness to lead and think for themselves makes them the kind of partner every entrepreneur is eager to work with.
— Leo Trottier, CEO

Abundance. Community. Collaboration.

The rest of the country is already jealous of our lifestyle. We are tops in travel and leisure. We believe San Diego can be one of the great business destinations too. We have it all; great weather, a beautiful culture, top tier schools, biotech, military, analytics and wireless DNA, and easy proximity to LA, San Francisco, Mexico and beyond.  And yet it's undeniable that our city is the youngest boomtown in California with its best years ahead of it. 

Our guiding principles at Seed San Diego help us see this potential and share our untapped wealth with many. Where some investors see scarcity we see abundance. Where some investors see chaos we see community. Where some investors see competition we see collaboration. By sharing these three values, San Diego can't go wrong. 


Are you ready to present?